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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Former Ecuador Minister and presidential adviser were FARC emissaries: Colombia

Colombia Reports, 23 July 2009

Colombia news - Larrea and Chauvin

Colombia's Prosecutor General said Wednesday former Security Minister of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea, and the country's former presidential adviser Jose Chauvin were emissaries of the FARC within the Ecuadorean government.

According to PG Mario Iguaran there is enough evidence that prove the two officials had extensive links to Colombia's largest guerrilla group.

After the march 2008 attack on the camp of FARC commander Raul Reyes just over the Ecuadorean border, an increasing amount of evidence was found that prove contacts between the leftist Correa administration and the rebels.

Iguarán told television network Canal Caracol the former presidential adviser was called 'Nacho' in FARC communication and that evidence allows Colombian prosecutors "to conclude or reasonably indicate that this mister Jose Ignacio Chauvin, alias 'Nacho' according to Raul Reyes, was the connection, the emmisary of the FARC."

The evidence gathered "also allows us to reasonably indicate that mister Gustavo Larrea, alias 'Juan' according to Raul Reyes, was an emissary of the FARC.

Chauvin denies any links to Colombia's largest guerrilla group. "I was never chosen by the Ecuadorean government to talk to the FARC and I never received a penny of the FARC and I would never receive one," the former presidential adviser said at a press conference.

Ecuador and Colombia have strained ties after the attack on the camp of Reyes. The situation worsened the past week after Colombia showed a video of FARC commander ''Mono Jojoy'confirming the guerrillas financially supported the 2006 campaign of leftist President Rafael Correa.

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