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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ecuador Rules out Relation to FARC

Quito, Jul 23 (PL) - Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa ruled out on Thursday any relation to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and urged the guerrillas to answer if they funded his electoral campaign in 2006.

I am asking the FARC to answer if they funded in any way my electoral campaign, said Correa in an interview by a national television station, referring to a video in which a leader of the guerrillas held they gave funds to him.

It is "a video that has been edited," and I guarantee that Correa has not received a single cent from that group, he said and urged Bogota to publish instead, the recording of the Colombian bombing on an northern area of that country in March, 2008 that led to the breaking-off of the bilateral diplomatic relations.

What is the problem behind? He asked, and answered himself that the problem is to be the neighbor of a country in war, where there is indeed drug-trafficking policy and paramilitary influence on policy.

After questioning the video published in the neighboring country, he recalled that a supposed testament by late Manuel Marulanda, former leader of that rebel group, said Ecuador received funds from the guerrillas and it was denied later by that insurgent group.

I am really tired of those unfounded accusations, he said, and stated that his movement was very careful with the contributions received.

I ask the FARC to answer and say first if that video is true and in second place to which organization it contributed funds, because it was not the Alianza Pais movement, he said.

The president attracted attention on the Colombian stance, because they support the FARC credibility when it is convenient to that government, but it is not so when Bogota is accused of being related to terrorism, the drug-trafficking policy and paramilitarism.

He said categorically that he has never maintained or known any member of that rebel group, with the struggling methods of which he does not agree.

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