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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ecuador Fights Child Malnutrition

Quito - The government of Ecuador is promoting a National Program of Integral Nutritional Territorial Intervention, INTI, to put an end to child malnutrition.

Ecuador President Rafael Correa launched the program in the locality of Tixan, in the province of Chimborazo, where he also announced their declaration to fight this cruel evil of society, so as to allow integral development and a better society.

The eradication of child malnutrition is a social activity that can no longer wait, he said.

According to the Ministry Coordinator of Social Development, MCDS, 26 percent of children under five years old in Ecuador suffer from malnutrition, but in the mountains the number of infants may top the 50 percent mark.

Ecuadorian leader also said this problem, caused by, among other things, the growing rate of poverty, also negatively affects a child's ability to learn.

We have destined a 33 million dollar-package so as to end it, he stressed. How can it be that this country spent 14 millions for Ecuador Miss Universe Pageant in 2004 and the same quantity or more is not available to fight this tragedy of infants?, he asked.

He also announced another program, aimed at initiating a campaign to aid and relocate those children and adolescents whose lives revolve around garbage dumps. Official data revealed the national government has already rescued 1,524 minors living around dumps, in conditions of high risk for their health, who were then returned to schools.

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