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Monday, April 06, 2009

Ecuador Presents Social Security Benefits

Quito, Mar 30 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian government representatives are holding a meeting on Monday at the Carondelet Palace, the presidential headquarters, with a group of retired people to present the benefits of the Social Security Law.

The proposal was presented the past weekend by the country's President Rafael Correa, who suggested that the pensioners went to Carondelet to discuss the mentioned legislation.

Wityh this initiative, they seek to end distortions and misunderstandings originated by a law approval.

Correa highlighted that the approved regulation establishes that nobody would receive a pension under $109 dollar, according to the pensioner's occupational category and years of contribution.

"What we have done is to rise the minimum pensions," asserted Correa, highlighting that nobody would receive the previous $60 and $70 payments.

The president explained that those who worked from 11 to 20 years can not receive less than $131, while those who worked from 21-30 years will receive over $153.

There are many cases of retired people that despite having contributed for over 40 years have lower pensions than the minimum salary, and with this law, they will not experience the same situation, he stated.

The president urged the pensioners not to be politically manipulated, especially in this electoral campaign.

Several ministers and Ecuadorian Social Security Institute Chair Ramiro Gonzalez are expected to participate in this meeting, for which around 100 retirees' representatives registered.

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