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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ecuador Crisis Alleviation Underway

Quito, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadoran government is currently boosting a new strategy to guarantee labor stability and create around 80,000 new jobs amid damage caused by the current global financial crisis.

The proposals, announced on Tuesday by President Rafael Correa would be materialized with increased social programs, support from ministries and financing.

Termed a national anti-crisis strategy, it has five parts: economic inclusion of micro and small producers, fostering people's economy and that of solidarity, a productive boost, orientation of public investment towards intensive activity in employment and protection of Ecuadorian family income.

Taking these actions aims at securing around 80,000 new jobs, and the head of State has already signed an executive decree to create a Solidarity and People's Economy Institute, which will be in charge of this job.

That institute will receive a $14 million contribution from the state budget and another $10 million to be obtained through a foreign loan.

The Executive has also planned to generate other jobs through the ministries of Tourism, which will implement a program to create 10,000 new jobs; Industries, creating 2,000, and Agriculture, an institution that will create 15,200.

The State will also earmark $12 million for training, certification granting and labor links, to benefit 145,000 people.

These proposals also include the urgent reform presented to the Legislative and Supervising Commission that seeks to give the reserve fund to the workers every month, not accumulating it, as has been done so far.

Such measure represents a 8.33-percent increase in salaries, and will also benefit the country, because it will allow $35 million to be injected into the economy.

Correa stipulated a $5.00 increase of the $30 Human Development Bond, devoted to the low-income families, and remarked that the free social benefits will be maintained, in sectors as education, health, and child development, as well as the subsidy to the dignity tariff (electricity).

These measures add to others of financial nature, with which the Executive intends to palliate the damage caused to the country by the international financial crisis.

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