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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ecuador Sets Electoral Campaign Budget

Quito, Mar 2 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorian National Electoral Copuncil (CNE) is setting on Monday campaign expenses for each of the candidates running in April 23 elections.

The electoral campaign begins next Tuesday, so candidate lists, posters and ballot papers will be ready as for Monday, CNE Chair Omar Simon said.

He said the exact and definitive amounts of campaign money for each candidate will be set on Monday.

The CNE approved Friday a resolution in relation to the method to be used to allocate the economic resources to the different candidacies.

We are speaking of a 41 million dollar budget, and 13 percent will be assigned to each list and in the case of regional and sectional candidacies, the amount to be allocated will be 30 percent, he explained.

Simon highlighted that there would be an additional fund of around $10 million, which will be devoted to debate programs or spaces that the CNE would hire for the candidates to be able to present their working plans, as established by the Constitution.

Once ths issue concludes, the CNE will be completely devoted to control the electoral campaign and the preparations for the general elections on April 26, he said.

The CNE top representative announced that they are currently elaborating a regulation to prevent public authorities seeking reelection or aspirers to some post from using state means or resources for their electoral campaigns.

Media advertising is also prohibited to the candidates, except that ordered by the CNE, he said.

Over 10 million Ecuadorians were called to vote in the elections, in which they would elect around 6,000 posts, including president, vicepresident, National Assembly members, provincial prefects and municipal mayors.

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