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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ecuador Pledges Immediate Election Results

Quito, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador's National Election Council (CNE) has promised to release the results of the April 26 general elections immediately.

One and a half hour after all polling booths are closed, the first results will be released, CNE chairman Omar Simon said.

He pointed out that 12-16 hours after elections are over, the results of 60 percent of the votes will be released and the final election results will be available within the next ten days.

Simon noted that 60 Intermediate Vote-Counting Boards will make it possible to release the election results soon.

The boards will be made up of 1,500 people, including third-level professionals certified by the CNE and guaranteed by the National Higher Education Council, he noted.

That way, representatives of either the parties or the candidates will be prevented from participating in the vote-counting process, Simon added.

The CNE president pointed out some three million dollars will be paid to the Armed Forces to transport and protect election materials.

Around 10.5 million Ecuadorians will vote April 26 in the elections for president, for members of the legislature and for local authorities.

According the last polls, Correa has enough support to win re-election.

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