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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ecuador Discusses Social Security Bill

Quito, Mar 6 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorian Congress' labor sub-commission delivers Friday the report for the second debate of the Social Security Law reform project, which has generated controversy among Ecuadorians.

That sub-commission's president, assembly member Betty Amores, highlighted the importance of making viable in social security the application of solidarity and universality principles, which are included in the Constitution.

Amores pointed out that this proposal will achieve more equity among people and a better distribution of resources, as well as universalize benefits for pensioners.

The Congress Commission's president Fernando Cordero stated that this reform does not try to affect retirees, as workers' unions state.

Cordero termed as infamy and perverse the statements against this proposal, which provoked great debate during the first discussion of the Congress' plenary session.

Nearly 253,890 pensioners have been registered in the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, 13 percent of them earn less than $100, while 80 percent, between $100 and $500, so that reforms won't affect this group, he stressed.

It is expected that with the delivery of the report on the social security project, the Congress Commission executive call its second and last debate for next week.

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