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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ecuador Correa for Voted Revolution

Quito, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa explained that he aspires for reelection in April 26 to continue with the process of change, called here the Citizen Revolution.

The objective is not to have a Rafael Correa in the presidency but to change the country. For that I need to continue in the presidency, so I have to run for reelection, explained the president in an interview with the El Telegrafo paper published last Tuesday.

For this reason we need a majority in the National Assembly. We do not want power for the sake of power, we need power to change the system, he emphasized.

He warned that at stake in these elections is the continuation of the process of reforms, and said otherwise would mean a return to the past.

The head of state pointed out that the opposition aims to obtain a majority in the legislative house to boycott the socio-economic transformations.

He insisted that he is not intoxicated with power and his movement is not very interested in regional powers.

Correa warned of the attempts of destabilization in certain sectors, especially the "crooked press that can invent or create a believable lie" or prevent his triumph this April.

Recent surveys place him as the favorite in the elections but according to Correa anything can happen until April 26, since there is proof that there was an attempt to link his movement Alianza Pais with receiving drug money.

There is a clear indication to link me with drug trade, he emphasized, although he stressed that luckily his government has a greater credibility than the national press.

The president also qualified as positive his two years management during which he said changes and large satisfaction were registered.

However, he emphasized that his mission would not be complete until seeing his country free from poverty and on an irreversible road to development.

Finally he asked forgiveness for having delayed implementation of transformations when offering a "revolution, rapid and radical changes of existing structures" and that is what must be done now within peace and democracy.

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