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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Senior Ecuador Police Officers Under Investigation for U.S. Embassy Contacts

QUITO -- Four senior officers of Ecuador's national police are under investigation for the unauthorized sharing of confidential national security information with U.S. diplomats, Interior Minister Gustavo Jalkh told a press conference here.

He identified the officers involved as Maj. Eduardo Silva and Capts. Guido Nuñez, Jorge Antonio Adati and Francisco Saavedra.

Also present for the press conference was police commander Jaime Hurtado, who said he decided last Friday to begin an administrative review of the officers' conduct and to relay to judges a preliminary report regarding the possible unauthorized disclosures.

He said the report was to be delivered to the four men under scrutiny "so they can exercise their legitimate defense."

Jalkh said the current probe will serve as a springboard for restructuring the special investigative units within the national police, especially given suspicions of U.S. interference in the operations of those units.

Ecuador expelled a U.S. diplomat responsible for overseeing funding of Ecuador police forces a little over a week ago.

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