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Monday, February 09, 2009

Rafael Correa: "The Bolivarian Revolution is irreversible"

El Universal, Feb 4, 2009

"Venezuela will never again be the backyard of any country," said the Ecuadorian ruler

Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, accompanied by his counterparts of Ecuador, Rafael Correa and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, met on Tuesday in Cumaná (Sucre state, eastern Venezuela), to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of independence hero Antonio José de Sucre.

"The Bolivarian Revolution is irreversible and Venezuela will never again be the backyard of any country. The ancient leaders of the Establishment shall not come back ever," Correa said in a speech that was aired by state-run network Venezolana de Televisión, VTV.

The presidents walked along Manzanares River. Later, the delegations of Ecuador and Venezuela held a meeting in the cultural complex Castillo San Antonio de la Eminencia.

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