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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ecuador Opposition Presidentless

Quito, Jan 27 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuador rightwing opposition appears today uncertain about presenting a presidential candidate to contest President Rafael Correa in the April elections.

The Partido Socialcristiano (PSC) party's leadership decided on Monday night not to present any candidate to the State presidency, ruling out candidacy of ex Member of Parliament Luis Fernando Torres.

In the meeting, held at the Hotel Hamptonn Inn, in Guayaquil's central area, they imposed the decision by Guayas, Manabi, El Oro, and Los Rios leaders to not participate in the presidential elections on April 26.

The PSC lacks a national structure to face several electoral processes in just 60 days, Pascual del Cioppo highlighted, and said the efforts will be focused on boosting electoral campaigns to win mayoralties, prefectures, and posts in the National Assembly (Parliament).

Such situation casts doubt on the support of presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, who has been seeking support and consensus for weeks to be reelected as the candidate of a coalition of parties against Correa.

Lasso held talks in recent days with Sociedad Patirotica (PSP) party leaders, of overthrown president Lucio Gutierrez, but they did not reach any agreement.

Gutierrez announced that as there was no alliance, he would remain as the aspirant of his group to present his presidential candidacy.

The Ecuadorian opposition appears weakened by progress of the People's Revolution, which counts on the citizenry's support in previous votes.

President Correa appears as the favorite to be reelected in the coming elections in April, with over 70 percent of acceptance, and after his candidacy in the Alianza Pais movement won 85 percent of support, according to polls.

His opponents have until February 5 to find support and register their candidates at the National Electoral Council.

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