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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ecuador Denounces Politicization of Chauvin Case

Quito, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador´s former government official Jose Ignacio Chauvin, allegedly involved in drug trafficking, denounced his case is being politicized to damage the image of President Rafael Correa´s administration.

After pleading not guilty of the charges, Chauvin noted that a big plot was carried out to involve him in a drug trafficking network and damage the image of the ruling Alianza Pais movement and the Rafael Correa government.

"There was a high-level operation to hurt and strike a sector of Alianza Pais politically. They took advantage of a fortuitous event and we returned to the culture of scandal," Chauvin told national television.

The ex official admitted that he had a relation of friendship with Edison Ostaiza, one of the Ostaiza brothers, who were accused of drug trafficking. However, he denied that he knew about his illegal activities.

Chauvin also denied having received money from Edison Ostaiza for the 2006 campaign of Alianza Pais, adding that his work consisted of rallying supporters in the communities and he succeeded in collecting 400,000 signatures for that political movement.

The former official said he freed the government, especially Gustavo Larrea, with whom he worked as executive undersecretary in 2007, from any responsibilities.

Chauvin surrendered to Ecuadorian justice on Wednesday to tell his truth and make it clear that the government and its ministers have no links with him.

His defense attorney, Ramiro Roman, noted that some oligarchic sectors have politicized the case to damage the national administration.

He accused Ecuadorian justice of making inappropriate statements during the course of the investigation, adding that Chauvin's culpability has not been established yet, because there is no evidence against him.

Chauvin's father, Flavio Chauvin, also defended his son's innocence and repeated that the case was politicized to slander the government during the election process.

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