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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ecuador Correa Formalizes Candidacy

Quito, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Today at the the National Electoral Council Ecuador President Rafael Correa will make his candidature official for re-election April 26.

Accompanied by some applicants to the national assembly of his Country Alliance Movement, Correa will be registered at the CNE as aspirant to a new period of mandate, under the framework of a new Constitution.

Correa's registration will take place 24 hours before expiration of the deadline established by the CNE for the registration of aspirants to some 6,000 public posts in the coming polls.

As in 2006, Correa chose as a partner his vicepresident Lenin Moreno.

Country Alliance presents Legislative Commission leader Fernando Cordero, former Government Minister Fernando Bustamante, legislators Pedro de la Cruz and Irina Cabezas and socialist leader Silvia Salgado as national assembly members.

Also on the list are former members of the Constituent Assembly, which drew up the new Constitution in 2008, approved by most of Ecuadorians in elections.

Country Alliance provincial branches will also register today their candidates to mayor's offices, prefectures and other sectional posts in different jurisdictions

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