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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Candidates for Fifth Power in Ecuador

Quito, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina) The Legislative Committee presented the new candidates for the Citizens' Participation Council, after reviewing the records of the aspirants to that supervision body, which many call the fifth power.

The list of 24 candidates includes new names and only Julian Guaman and Jaqueline Pachamama remained from the previous list. The presence of men and women is balanced, something that did not happen before.

The contestation process will begin on Friday and will end on Monday.

Assembly member Betty Tola, who is in charge of this process, pointed out that there will be an extra day to review the contestations and to inform the censored candidates.

Legislative Committee President Fernando Cordero pointed out that if the process goes according to predictions, the Citizens' Participation Council will take office on Wednesday.

He admitted that there were irregularities in the qualification of the records, but he welcomed the rectifications and ratified that all 14 members of the said Council will be chosen next week.

The Council is considered the fifth power because its members will have legal authority and will participate in the decision-making process at public bodies.

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