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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Presidents Raul Castro and Rafael Correa Held Talks in Brazil

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 17 (acn) Presidents Raul Castro, of Cuba and Rafael Correa, of Ecuador, held talks after the closing of the Group of Rio Summit, held Tuesday in the locality of Costa de Sauipe, Brazil.

The friendly exchange between the two heads of state and their delegations allowed considering different issues of bilateral interest, Granma daily reports.

Both presidents expressed their satisfaction with the positive state of relations between their countries and their willingness to keep strengthening those links.

They agreed that only regional integration could successfully face the effects of unjust relations prevailing in the world’s economic arena, which have been worsened by the global economic crisis.

Rafael Correa was particularly interested in learning about the history of Cuba and its Revolution. He said that he had the privilege of listening to the testimony of someone who, along Fidel, has been one of the major actors in Cuban history over the past 50 years.

The Ecuadorian President ratified that he will visit Cuba soon in order to respond to an invitation issued by Raul Castro.

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