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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ecuador Waits for Colombia Respect

Quito, Dec 24 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador is still waiting for clear signs of respect from Colombia to resume bilateral diplomatic ties, which were broken on March 3.

In a release yesterday, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Fander Falconi sustained it is imperative that Colombia comply with the minimum requirements made by his government to resume bilateral relations.

Falconi demands the end of the campaign linking Ecuador with authorities from the guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and calls for an effective presence of the public force on the bordering zone.

He also asks for the delivery of the requested information about the attack and incursion into Ecuadorian territory of Colombian soldiers on March 1, as well as the content of the files in the computers found that day in Angostura zone.

The minister also urges the Colombian government to effectively contribute to provide attention to the thousands of Colombians who take refuge in Ecuador escaping the war in their country.

"Steps forwards to resume relations cannot be made" until replies to those statements are given, the text reads.

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