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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ecuador Seeks Int'l Support on Foreign Debt

Quito, (Prensa Latina) Representatives from the Ecuadorian government travel Tuesday to Argentina and Peru, to seek support to stop paying stages of the foreign debt, termed here as illegitimate and illegal.

Politics Minister Ricardo Patino stated Monday they will move to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, to present his country's position as to the audit of the foreign debt and mechanisms to use in this process.

Patino pointed out that he will meet with finance minister of that nation and judicial general secretary of President Cristina Fernandez, who supported Ecuador's decision, after holding a phone talk with this nation's statesman Rafael Correa.

Another top leader of this country will travel today to Lima, main Peruvian city, where he will welcome by the finance minister and two commissions of that country's Congress.

"We are to present the debit's audit report, which reveals serious irregularities in renegotiations of commitments and demand support faced with a possible no payment of those obligations," Patino stated.

It is also expected that Ecuadorian Finance Minister Maria Elsa Viteri meets Wednesday in the United States with representatives of the Chamber, the Senate and the UN.

Ecuador seeks an opportunity to explain the situation of irregularities and violations registered in renegotiations of the foreign debit, and lamentably there are no sufficient channels so that other nations have information of the national position, Viteri said.

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