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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ecuador: Pichincha Illiteracy Free for the Cuban "Yes, I Can" teaching program.

Cuba Daily News, Dec 14,2008
Pichincha, Ecuador's second most populated province, was declared illiteracy-free on Saturday after nearly three-year implementation of the Cuban Yo Si Puedo (Yes, I Can) teaching program.

"After 200 years we are currently carrying out a liberating action, that is taking 30,000 Ecuadorians out of the dark and giving them the light of the arts and knowledge," Pichincha Prefect (governor) Gustavo Baroja said.

With eight cantons, including Quito, we managed to lower illiteracy rate from 5.04 percent to 2.5 percent, and we hope to continue this effort with the Yo Si Puedo, so that no one is left without knowing how to read and write, stressed Baroja, who highlighted the Cuban advisors' work and solidarity.

Pichincha is the fourth Ecuadorean province proclaimed illiteracy-free after Pastaza, the Galapagos Islands and El Oro, he recalled.

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