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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ecuador Justice Court in Trouble

Quito, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador's National Court of Justice (CNJ) is facing internal problems on Friday, 48 hours after being set up, due to accusations against 4 of its 21 magistrates.

CNJ president Jose Vicente Troya highlighted yesterday it is necessary to create a special commission to analyze the officials' juridical situation.

Referring to Judges Carlos Espinosa and Meri Coloma, who admitted to be brothers-in-law, he said the case must be examined and one of them will have to leave his seat, as it is a matter of consanguinity.

Troya said the Court of Justice will decide if the regulations to be applied in the case will be the same that ruled the former Supreme Court of Justice.

The other lawyers accused are Freddy Ordoñez and Manuel Sanchez, for having taken part in appeal for annulment in a trial against the Pacific Bank.

Made up of 21 magistrates, the Court will function provisionally until after the 2009 elections, when the current members will be replaced by others chosen in line with the procedure in the Constitution, in force since October.

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