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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Election Period Begins in Ecuador

Quito, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) A new election period, which many consider the most complex in the country, has begun in Ecuador, where some 6,000 positions, including the president and the vice president of the Republic, will be elected.

It will be the fourth election since President Rafael Correa took office in January 2007, and will respond to a demand to change the country's structures radically.

Although the election date has not been set yet, the National Election Council (CNE, in Spanish) inaugurated the election period, which will close 30 days after the elections in 2009.

According to the CNE, voters will elect 6,000 positions, including the president and the vice president, five deputies to the Andean Parliament, the members of the National Assembly, prefects and deputy prefects, mayors, council people and five members in each rural parochial board.

The Assembly will be made up of 124 lawmakers, including 15 national, 103 provincial and six overseas deputies.

In the upcoming elections, citizens will also vote for 24 provincial prefects and 221 mayors.

The elections will be called on November 23, because no consensus has been reached about the date.

Military and police offers will vote in the elections for the first time.

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