The people of Ecuador are rising up to refound their country as a pluri-national homeland for all. This inspiring movement, with Ecuador's indigenous peoples at its heart, is part of the revolution spreading across the Americas, laying the groundwork for a new, fairer, world. Ecuador Rising aims to bring news and analysis of events unfolding in Ecuador to english speakers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Constitution Revives Ecuador, Correa

Quito, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) The new Constitution paves the way towards Ecuador's new, definite independence, putting aside the supremacy of neoliberal dogmas, President Rafael Correa affirmed.

"The homeland is coming back" with the current Constitution put into effect on Monday Correa stressed, because it defines the rights of the people and family in all spheres of life.

In a TV address last night, the president pointed out the country is being "lawfully renewed," as Ecuadorians first got familiar with the constitutional text and then approved it in a referendum.

"This is the successful conclusion of the first stage of the people's Revolution," he clarified, but said "there is still much to be done."

He sustained Ecuador can now advance towards the 21st century, because the Constitution "breaks with all the chains that kept us tied to the last century."

"The hegemony of neoliberal dogmas and financial capital is left behind, that decaying speculative capital which power is currently crumbling worldwide," Correa said.

"Democracy and life have won," the president affirmed when calling upon Ecuadorians to build a better future, with the necessary tool, in peace and harmony.

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