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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ecuador Assembly Marshals Transition

Ecuador Assembly Marshals Transition

Quito, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) The Constituent Assembly leadership held its last meeting with the shaping of the Legislative Commission to boost the process of transition in Ecuador with a new Constitution.

The members of the National Electoral Council, and National Court of Justice and Legislative Commission were designated during the meeting, initiated on Friday and concluded shortly after midnight.

The Legislative Commission was constituted by 76 Assembly Members, 46 of them represent Alianza Pais, 10 Patriotic Society, four Renovador Institucional Party and three Social-Christian party.

The Democratic Popular Movement will have two representatives, Pachakutik three, Red Democratica two, and Movements Honradez, Futuro Ya and Uno will each have one delegate.

The Commission will include nine sub-commissions specialized with eight members each, which will be in charge of approving the first laws, which will make easier the implementation of the new Constitution, in effect since Monday.

Assembly President Fernando Cordero stressed the importance of this institution and indicated that the 76 elected were chosen on the basis of the results obtained in September 2007 Elections.

Cordero highlighted that the Commission has the obligation to approve five laws until February 14, when general elections come to elect President and Vice President of the country, provincial Prefects and municipal mayors, among others.

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