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Friday, October 03, 2008

New Security Policy in Ecuador

Quito, Sep 19 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador began implementing a new security policy on Friday that for the first time considers citizens the main engine to guarantee full sovereignty and respect for human rights.

Speaking at the presentation of the policy on Thursday, National Security Minister Gustavo Larrea noted that the plan no longer responds to the interests of great powers, which prioritize the struggle against terrorism and drug trafficking, but to national and regional policies.

"There is no security without democracy, there is no security without full respect for human rights and life," he pointed out.

As a new element, Larrea explained that for the first time, the policy includes the civilian population and several government institutions, because security used to be a secret affair of the Armed Forces.

The policy is aimed at achieving full respect for human rights and promoting peace and people's free self-determination, observing a new approach to sovereignty.

Larrea warned that the government wants to guarantee full and comprehensive security, which not only means the country's defense, but also the combat against unemployment, food shortages and malnutrition, as well as guaranteeing everybody's access to free education and healthcare.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Justice will propitiate the democratization of justice and the defense of human rights, which will be a state priority from now on.

Regarding the defense of the borders, especially in the north, Larrea noted the implementation of the Ecuador Plan, which is a peace program aimed at developing border communities to protect them from violence, fear and drug trafficking.

In addition to reinforcing the troops, we promote several projects, including the "Cocoa yes, coca no" program, which are aimed at providing border citizens with jobs and resources, he said.

Regarding Ecuador's foreign policy, the government needs to strengthen Latin American unity and other integration initiatives.

This doctrine involves the ministries of Government, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Defense, as well as the Anti-Corruption, Risk Management and Technical secretariats of the Ecuador Plan.

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