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Friday, October 03, 2008

Ecuadorians Plan to Effect New Legislation

Quito, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) After the overwhelming victory of the “yes” vote in a referendum, social and political sectors are presenting on Tuesday proposals for the transition process that will favor implementation of the New Ecuadorian Constitution.

The Constituent Assembly leadership held its first meeting to define next steps, after official announcement of the results of the referendum about the new Constitution, approved at the polls by 64 percent of the votes.

Assembly President Fernando Cordero said the meeting was held to formulate details of the transition regime.

It was a private meeting, in which they analyzed the shaping of the Legislative Commission, which would be in charge of approving the first laws and forming the State new authorities, as the National Electoral Council and the National Court of Justice, he asserted.

Cordero highlighted that five days after announcing the official results of the referendum, he would call the 30 assembly members and would decide the makeup of the legislative entity, devoted to reorganize the State powers.

The Commission will be in charge of approving urgent laws, electing several authorities, and other duties.

In this context, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) called the country's social sectors to work for unity.

CONAIE Chair Marlon Santi suggested that social groups discus and present bills that guarantee compliance with the constitutional articles.

We should move forward to strengthen a new stage of the struggle that should be guided by the principles of the legislation approved, he stated.

The People's Democratic Movement and the Ecuadorian University Student Federation also announced that they would hold forums and meet6ings to present bills to the Constituent Assembly that favor abidance by their rights, included in the constitutional text.

Businesspeople guilds and productive sectors of the country that rejected the new constitution appear skeptical towards the next steps, but are in favor of this nation's development.

We know that the country has changed its economic model, but production increase will depend on reactivation of the economy, said a representative of Quito's Chamber of Commerce.

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