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Friday, October 03, 2008

Ecuador New Constitution: No Large Estates

Ecuador New Constitution: No Large Estates

Quito, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) The new Ecuadorian Constitution, which will be voted on Sunday establishes the end of large estates, hoarding and concentration of lands in Ecuador.

The 3rd Chapter of Food Sovereignty, of the Development Regime, established that the State has power to adopt measures to guarantee security in this issue, and includes even confiscation of idle lands.

These regulations seek to democratize and avoid monopolistic tenancy of land and water as core elements of food production.

Thus, one of the texts highlights the Ecuadorian State power to implement policies that facilitate food production, provision, distribution, and trade.

With the objective of making effective the Ecuadorian people's right to food security, large states, land concentration, and privatization of water and its sources are prohibited, says another section of the Constitution, elaborated during eight months by an Constituent Assembly.

Alberto Acosta, former Constituent Assembly chair, highlighted the importance of this article, which seeks to encourage agricultural production in the country.

We do not want to expropriate anybody's land, but we do wish to promote correct use of abandoned soils, for them to generate the greatest productive benefit to the country, he said.

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