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Saturday, September 06, 2008

In Search of the Other Ecuador

By Nestor Núñez

The beginning of Ecuador’s official campaign in support of the “Yes” vote backing a new constitution opens a crucial stage in the efforts of the Rafael Correa government to construct a new participatory, unified and independent Ecuador.

Barely a few days ago, thousands of Ecuadoreans took the streets in support
of the official efforts to change the “Fundamental Law,” which should turn into an instrument for guarding the order and institutions that up until now have served the local oligarchy and foreign interests.

The priorities of the popular processes underway in various Latin American
nations, which got there after breaking with the traditional electoral mechanisms imposed in the region, are establishing new revolutionary norms
to truly control power democratically.

This is evidenced in the battles in Venezuela, Bolivia and in Ecuador itself to affect reforms and total change in their respective constitution as original sources of true possibilities for positive changes.

Call it the Bolivarian Revolution or the socialist project of Citizen´s Revolution, these processes to achieve the consensus needed to move forward and make their promises of progress come true.

Meanwhile, the opposition and their imperial allies are adopt measures —among institutional ones— to halt, erect obstacles, destroy programs and
organize destabilizing actions.

Rafael Correa urged the Ecuadorean people to vote “Yes” in September for the
recently drafted constitution and to confront all types of campaigns and actions of the oligarchy and foreign interests in their attempt to block and destroy the process.

Preliminary figures indicate that a significant majority will respond with YES. Among other reasons is the draft constitution’s urge for social justice, and the just redistribution of the country’s riches.

It also promises recognition of the large and eternal indigenous masses, equality before the law between all men and women, the dismantling of foreign military bases in the country, and the prohibition of agreements which promote the presence of foreign troops in the country –measures that have been accepted by the vast majority of the population.

Taken from the Cuban News Agency

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