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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ecuador: Campaign for Charter Referendum

Quito. Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa launches today the campaign in favor of a constitutional project to be submitted to referendum next September 28.

The governing party Alianza Pais, founded by Correa, summoned people to vote Yes in the referendum and called to meet this Saturday in Shyris Avenue, north of this capital.

The officialist party indicated the Executive will head a mass rally attended by delegations of several provinces to support the government´s initiative.

“According to the invitations made and the letters we have received (...) we calculate the attendance of 100 thousand persons”, affirmed Fernando Gavilanes, one of the campaign officials.

The head of State will receive the support of its followers at the end of a week in which he was physically attacked by opposers, but then supported by students and indigenous who in several rallies confirmed their vote for Yes in the upcoming poll.

Correa alerted that in the rally could occur incidents caused by opposition members and called his compatriots not to respond to aggressions.

“Incidents will occur. The same as rightwing forces did in Bolivia and Venezuela. They will try to provoke violence, but we are not going to respond,” expressed Correa in a Radio Luna broadcast.

The polls indicate the progressive support to the initiative of the Executive, which last August 16 reached 50 percent of the voters´preference, according to the firm SP Investigacion y Estudios.

Last August 10 that same polling company had reported that the Yes had 49 percent support, while on August 4, the yes had a 47 percent support.

Ecuadoreans will attend the polls to vote on the Charter, redacted and approved by the constituent National Assembly which aspires to displace the neoliberal model protected by current legislation and which sank this Andean nation into a deep crisis.

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