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Monday, August 18, 2008

Ecuador Starts Campaign for Referendum

Quito, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) At least 128 Ecuadorian organizations and political parties began on Thursday an electoral campaign for a referendum about a new constitution, to be held on September 28.

The TSE (Supreme Electoral Court), said that from Thursday until September 26, the political participants registered to run campaigns will be able to hire publicity in favor or against the referendum, while the electoral authority will have to publish the new Constitution.

The campaign will conclude on September 26, 48 hours ahead of the referendum, according to the Electoral Law, currently in force.

Around 60 organizations have said so far that they would support openly the Yes option in the referendum, according to sources of the TSE secretary's office.

The call on Wednesday through several media reminded the citizenry that going to the polls would be compulsory, to answer Yes or No to the question: Do you approve the text of the Republic's new Constitution, elaborated by the Constituent Assembly?

The TSE will distribute around a million copies of the new constitutional text, together with the newspapers of greatest circulation in the country and the streets.

The new Constitution has 444 articles and over 20 temporary regulations.

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