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Friday, July 04, 2008

Ecuadorians Support Constitution

Quito, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) Political movements are drafting campaign strategies in favor of the new Constitution the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly is expected to present on July 26.

Acuerdo Pais assembly members’ spokesman, Galo Borja, stated that in a meeting this group's political bureau held last night with President Rafael Correa, the strategy to demand a "yes" to the Constitution was discussed.

He said they examined the plan to be followed if the new national Legislation is approved in the Constituent assembly and ratified in a referendum 45 days after its upcoming presentation.

The objective is to work in the campaign to define polemic issues and explain them to the population afterwards, he asserted.

Besides Acuerdo Pais, local press revealed that in the province of Guayas, southwestern Ecuador, leaders of the farmers' movements are organizing to start a permanent campaign in rural areas supporting the new Constitution.

Armando Tutivén, an agrarian leader, said they are visiting the coast to present farmers the approved articles of the Magna Carta.

We are trying to make people decide on their vote in the upcoming referendum and pay no attention to the lies members of opposition parties tell them.

Other organizations like the Popular Democratic Movement have also held meetings to devise a strategy to call on the people to say "yes" to the new Legislation.

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