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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ecuador: Popular Sovereignty in Charter

Quito, May 27 (Prensa Latina) The inclusion of popular sovereignty in the future Ecuadorian Carta Magna and its discussion in the Constituent Assembly is focusing popular attention in this South American country Tuesday.

This concept establishes the Ecuadorian people is the guarantor of sovereignty and not the Armed Forces, and it is ready for its first debate in the Assembly, said expert Maria Molina.

"The Ecuadorian people puts confidence and trustfulness on the people they choose, who have the obligation to make the mandate be fulfilled," she pointed out.

The proposal was approved unanimously, and the population will have the legal authority to decide on their welfare and will, she added.

National press media highlighted the decision of the Assembly members to take out the Armed Forces the privilege, to grant it to the Ecuadorian population.

For Ecuadorian Vice Minister of Defense Miguel Carvajal, this proposal of the Constituent Assembly wants the Armed Forces to lose its condition of guarantors of democracy and stop acting in internal conflicts.

Carvajal said that the attribution, included in the current Carta Magna, caused the fall of three presidents in the last decade, which was not anything good for democracy.

Carvajal pointed out that there is consensus in suspending this condition, used to remove back up to a Head of State and to facilitate his output from power.

For different social circles this concept constitutes an achievement more of the current changing process of change that the President of the nation, Rafael Correa impels.

Besides this proposal, other two projects were elaborated, referred to the duties and rights of Ecuadorians and the Constitution, the one classified as the superior regulation, under which the whole juridical and political system of the country is subordinated.

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