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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CONAIE announce the possibility of withdrawing their representatives from the Constituent Assembly

El Comercio y EFE, Quito, 25-6-08
The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) unveiled its "deep concern over the future of the new Constitution", after the departure of Alberto Acosta, President of the Constituent Assembly.

Through a communique CONAIE, the highest indigenous organisation in the country, noted that the conduct of the Assembly by Acosta, who resigned on Monday from the presidency of that body, was "successful, democratic, pluralistic and participatory", since the installation of the Constituent Assembly.

CONAIE regretted the departure of Acosta and explained that this decision is "a product of the continuous pressure and excessive interference by the Executive, which has not respected the plenary powers and autonomy" of the constitutional forum.

For CONAIE, the drafting the new constitution - underway since last November 29 in Montecristi, Manabi - is a "challenge for all".

CONAIE demanded also that President Rafael Correa "be consistent with his speeches and postulates for the campaign, and not dilute this political project of change".

The indigenous sector announced also the possibility of withdrawing their representatives from the Assembly after an analysis conducted of the Constituent Assembly.

The Constituent Assembly yesterday accepted the resignation of Alberto Acosta, official of the movement Acuerdo Pais, from the presidency of that institution.

Acosta resigned from that post because of differences with his political group on the need to extend the deadline to finish drafting the new Constitution, scheduled for next July 26.

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