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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ecuador Assembly Drafts Constitution

Quito, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador's Constituent Assembly began an important week of plenary sessions on Monday to discuss several articles of the new Constitution and the report on the crisis with Colombia.

Assembly President Alberto Acosta says Table One will draft 50 articles on political, media and civil rights, Table Two will produce 30 on citizen power and Table Five on Natural Resources will address rights of nature and environment.

The Assembly will even work May 1st to advance the drafting of the future Constitution's 256 articles to reach completion by mid May.

Sovereignty Table Chair Maria Augusta Calle will submit a report to the plenary this afternoon on Colombia's March 1 attack on a clandestine guerrilla camp in north Ecuador.

The document confirms rejection of regular or irregular groups in national territory and calls to assess the Manta military base that hosts US troops and probe their fighter planes' possible involvement in the northern border rebel slaughter.

Calle called to ask Colombia to surrender the videotapes of its planes involved in the military operation.

Tuesday's sessions will approve a package of articles on labor that, among other items, eliminates contracting by hours.

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