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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ecuador Writer: Correa in Danger

Quito, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian writer and essayist Jaime Galarza warned that the life of President Rafael Correa is in danger because of his commitment to change and real independence for the Andean nation.

The presence of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the country will bring no good, "when Ecuadorians are aware that we finally want to be the free nation of which Eloy Alfaro dreamt," Galarza said.

Correa´s denunciation that the CIA has penetrated Ecuadorian intelligence services poses a serious threat to his life, as CIA plans are never good, he highlighted.

"We Ecuadorians know perfectly well the bad consequences of the CIA presence, as one of our presidents, Jaime Roldos Aguilera, was killed by that agency in an alleged aircraft accident in 1981, for raising his voice against the empire," the writer stressed.

When speaking during an act in the capital, Galarza warned of shady CIA actions in Ecuador in last decades, and of the US intention to prolong its presence at the Manta base and turn it into another Guantanamo, a Cuban territory illegally occupied by the US.

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