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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ecuador for LatAm States Org

Ecuador for LatAm States Org

Quito, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador President Rafael Correa reaffirmed his efforts to create an Organization of Latin American States (OLAS) to overcome differences without "invoking foreign tutelage upon our history."

Correa drew attention to destabilization attacks against his government precisely when the country is boosting the creation of an OLAS without the presence of United States and Canada.

Addressing the First Meeting of the Andres Bello Agreement Universities on Integration sessioning in Quito, Correa reiterated his firmness to create a Latin American structure.

There is an international campaign against Ecuador, denounced the head of State saying that he won't "allow other countries to destabilize this sovereign process with lies and disgrace, to impose on us an agenda void of national interests."

The statesman denied all attempts of a government of the region to involve Ecuador in the Colombian Plan and reiterated that whoever wants this "is wrong."

Correa persisted in promoting regional integration and clarified he supports the Colombian people, and hopes they join this continent's process.

At the signing of the Andres Bello Agreement the Ecuadorian president said the role of universities is fundamental for the development of nations faced with the need to decrease dependence on large world producers of technologies.

Such step will enable the construction of a sovereign and independent culture, Correa concluded.

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