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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abortion, God Ignite Polemic at Ecuador Assembly

Quito, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) Topics such as abortion and mention of God in the future Constitution have given rise to controversies at the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly.

Discussions over legalization of abortion have opened up a very complicated issue in Ecuador, where most of the population is catholic.

Alianza Pais assembly member Betty Amores considers the topic is not fundamental, and the rightwing put it on the table to cause disagreements, and somewhat lead to confrontations at the Assembly.

Referring to that polemical subject Thursday, President Rafael Correa noted it is not main concern, and advocated not to include it in the new Constitution the Assembly is drawing up.

Instead, he called for the Constitution to guarantee "the right to live since the very moment of conception."

Meanwhile, the top representative of the Assembly, Alberto Acosta, pointed out that legalization of abortion, homosexual marriage, and mention of God in the preamble of the Constitution are not constitutional topics.

Acosta advocated discussing the inclusion of the name of God, but called for a lay Political Constitution, without discriminating beliefs or religions.

"A secular State does not mean a rejection of religion, it means the State accepts all religions but recognizes all atheists as well," he concluded.

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