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Thursday, March 06, 2008

"To the Ecuadorian People" - message from the Coordinadora Continental Bolivariana

from the Coordinadora Continental Bolivariana

The military invasion in the early hours of Saturday March 1, 2008 into Ecuadorian territory, a fact unprecedented in the country's history, expresses the desperate a
nd militarist position of Bush and Uribe, to introduce the blood and fire of Plan Colombia and force Ecuador to become part of it. Moreover, it torpedoes the humanitarian campaign led by President Hugo Chavez and by the command of the FARC to release several prisoners and bring peace to Colombia.

This assault on the sovereignty and the crime committed, rather than legitimising and strengthening the war plan Uribe, has created a great social alliance from across the continent against the Project led from Washington, to control the region and appropriate its large
natural and economicresources.

The CCB recognises and salutes the dignified position of President Rafael Correa, and demands from the governments and peoples of Latin America an alliance in defence of sovereignty. In this sense, we condemn the sad and despicable attempt of the Uribe government, which is linked to drug trafficking, as demonstrated by Newsweek magazine, to link officials from the governments of Ecuador and Venezuela, with the FARC. Why not argue this in order to invade Ecuador?

And we began to see in full action a government in total servitude to Washington (and which receives more military aid from the USA than anyone, after Israel and Egypt), which only seeks to replicate on our continent, under its auspices and stewardship, the role that Israel plays as persistent offender against its Lebanese and Palestinian neighbours in the Middle East.

The bellicose and inhumane positions of the spokesmen of the White House, who supported the invasion, confirm certain claims that the attack was prepared for weeks, and that it would have benefited from specialised information provided by the Manta Base and the Tres Cruces Base in Colombia, leaving no doubt that it was Imperialism who led the brutal attack. Under these conditions, what's keeping the Manta base in the hands of our aggressors? The government of President Correa must advance the suspension of the Agreement of the Manta base, while denouncing and ignoring all international treaties and secrets that previous governments have implemented to allow the use of our territory for the military
and conspiratorial purposes of the gringos against our own people.

It should not be called a hoax. It is not now an action to topple Chavez or create problems for Correa, but a long-term conspiracy orchestrated by the United States aimed at seizing the oil of Venezuela and Ecuador, Bolivia's gas and the biodiversity of the Amazon. Using Uribe as the mercenary who does the dirty work, the United States can explode in a war that it might not even have to intervene in directly.

The CCB asks that the government of President Correa guarantee the life and physical integrity of the guerrillas of the FARC who survived the military attacks, and to grant them political asylum, as a token of his position in favour of the humanitarian agreement. Failure to do so and to hand them to Colombia, would be like dictating their death sentences.

Finally, we join the call to actively participate in the marches for the defense of national sovereignty, peace and the rejection of paramilitarism and state terrorism driven by the Plan Colombia.

All out on March 6 at 11. am in Foch plaza and at 6pm in Av.
De los Shyris.

Bolivarian Continental Coordination - Ecuador Chapter

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