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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ecuador to OAS: Colombia's Aggression

Washington, Mar 4 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador summons members of the Organization of American States OAS in this capital to condemn the aggression of Colombia to its territory, and asked for an urgent meeting of Foreign Ministers to analyze the crisis.

When taking part in an OAS extraordinary session to debate the subject, Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Relations Maria Isabel Salvador requested an urgent meeting of consultation with FM for March 11.

The head of diplomacy of that South American country denounced the violation of the territory and the sovereignty of a State perpetrated by another State.

Ecuador broke diplomatic relations with Colombia after the incursion of Bogota army, which culminated with the death of the guerrilla leader Raul Reyes and other 20 people.

That attack was a deliberate act that attempts against the international right and the bilateral agreements, thus Colombia must be considered an aggressor country, Salvador expressed.

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