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Friday, February 08, 2008

Ecuador Restructuring Territory

Quito, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) A commission comprised of the Ecuadorian government and prefectures analyze Wednesday a proposal for decentralization and territorial restructuring of the country.

The group expects to create autonomous territories, which will have a regional authority entailing the elimination of provincial entities.

Correa proposed on his weekend radio how to have "a popularly-elected regional governor, with a regional Assembly, whose members could be the union of the Provincial or Cantonal Councils."

The statesman spoke out for dividing Ecuador into seven "equipowerful" regions to achieve a better distribution of resources.

"The aim is not to eliminate provinces, but advance towards a territorial restructuring that allows the government to strategize development and fairly deliver funds," Correa stated.

Not only prefects but also municipal mayors recognize that a centralist State generates inequalities, even in the territorial field, because there are some sites with no state presence, Fander Falconi, from the National Planning Secretariat, added.

The conclusions of this commission will be outlined to the Constituent Assembly, which must analyze and decide its inclusion in the new Constitution of the Andean nation.

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