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Friday, February 15, 2008

Correa warns that USA and Colombia want to military attack Venezuela

Mathaba, Feb 8, 2008

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, assured that Venezuela has enough reasons to say that United States of America and Colombia try to military attack it.

Caracas, Feb 7 (ABN).- He said tat the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “had a direct link in the coup d'etat” against President Chávez in 2002.

“Why are not we surprised by these doubts and uncertainties that a country like Venezuela could have if they have been attacked previously?”, he questioned during a a program broadcast by several radio stations of Ecuador and he stressed that the CIA took part at the few hours overthrow of April 2002, as it was reported by AFP.

“I do not have the information that probably President Chávez has, but what it is clear is the direct role played by the CIA at the coup d'etat of 2002, which has been openly admitted”, he held.

Correa also made reference to a recent Chávez' statements where he said that Venezuela borders at the West with the Revolutionary Army Forces of Colombia (FARC) and not with Colombia, because it is a similar situation that he has noticed at the Colombia-Ecuador border.

“What President Chávez did was to paraphrase our Minister of Defense. We know it was a hard phrase, but it is true. The Colombian border (with Ecuador) is unprotected, we need 11,000 men at that border”, Correa stated.

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