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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marlon Santi is the new president of CONAIE

Translated from, Jan 12, 2008
By consensus of all three regions of Ecuador (ECUARUNARI, CONAICE; CONFEINIAE), Marlon Santi is the new president of CONAIE and will preside over the Governing Council for 3 years. This presidential election did not meet any obstacles, so it can be seen that the unity of the Peoples is completely strengthened.

The electoral table has been formed, the 17 commissions complete their report.

The formation of the electoral commission who will be responsible for presiding over the election of the New Governing Council of the CONAIE: President of the electoral commission Angel Bonilla of the CAES; Secretary Roció Gualan, representative of the coastal Kichwa peoples; and Jose Gualinga, representative of the Kichwa of the Oriente; scrutineers of ballots - Maria Belen Paez of the Foundation Pachamama, First Spokesperson Vitel Aguavil of the Ts
áchila Nation, Second Spokesperson Natalia Wray of APN, Third Spokesperson Gonzalo Guzman UOCE .

At this time we, the leaders of the three regions,
pronounce our support for the candidature of Marlon Santi. It appears that he is a candidate that evokes the unity of the people.

The amphorae to conduct the voting are completely ready, the spirits of people are gradually rising, and all expect to have the best results that would allow continuation of the politics of the CONAIE.

Marlon Santi of the Amazon is the new president of CONAIE
Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, January 12, 2008
Unanimously and with the support of the three regional Nationalities and Peoples Marlon Rene Santi Gualinga,
was elected at 16h30 as the new president of CONAIE for the three year period 2007 to 2010.

Who is Marlon Santi?

A young man who was born in the year 1976 (32 years of age) in the parish of Sarayacu (Pastaza) situated in the heart of the Ecuatorian Amazon. He inherited his great examples of leadership and charisma from his forebears who fought against the oil companies. He studied in Quito, but never abandoned the principles and values of his people and community

In the last 5 years he was a permanent and tireless campaigner against the invasion of the oil companies, especially during the corrupt and nepotistic government of Lucio Gutierrez, suffering permanent persecution, even assassination attempts. As Santi said in his first statements, "we need to start putting CONAIE in order, raising the pillars for which it was created, since in recent years we have have been greatly weakened by the encroachment of the governments of the day.

He has a defined line, clear and transparent, as a very important point of reference for the new generation of Nationalities and Peoples. So far there has been no change with the government of Rafael Correa.

Patricio Zhingri T.
Comunicación ECUARUNARI

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, 11 January, 2008

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