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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ecuadorian Naval Chiefs Resign

Quito, Jan 15 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorian Navy Commanding General Homero Arellano and Naval Chief of Staff Luis Yepez resigned their posts Wednesday, Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval reported.

After presenting the resignations of Arellano and Yepez to Ecuador"s President Rafael Correa, Sandoval pointed out that the resignation of these officers would contribute as an example of subordination and recognition to Ecuadorian commanders.

Arellano and Yepez also announced their resignation in a news conference and said they were satisfied with having done their duty.

Arellano said that pressures from powerful sectors opposed to the changes underway in the nation for the loss of their privileges caused his resignation.

There are mafias that want to keep the management of oil resources out of national hands, he warned, referring to the recent entrusting of Petroecuador"s management to high naval officials.

Yepez ratified his support of the "government of changes and transformations for all Ecuadorians."

President Correa will appoint the new chiefs, and possibilities include Vice Admiral Johnny Estupiñan and Counter Admirals Livio Espinosa and Aland Molestina.

Estupiñan is now secretary general of the National Security Council (COSENA), Espinosa is a General Inspector of the Navy, and Molestina is Commander of the Naval Infantry (Ecuadorian Marines).

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