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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ecuador Assembly Clear on Salaries

Quito, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) Constituent Assembly member Maria Paula Romo highlighted on Friday the need to publish the full duties of that authority regarding a salary ceiling for the public sector.

"It is important, above all that the Constituent Assembly does not lose sight of the need to communicate clearly what it is doing," said Romo.

That established ceiling does not affect most of the Ecuadorians of the public sector, only a small number known as the golden bureaucrats.

The assembly member clarified that with this legislation, which will come into force on March 1, they seek to improve equality, and highlighted that this constitutional duty does not freeze the public sector's salary.

"This does not mean a general decrease in salaries," rather the entire opposite, he asserted.

He said compensations in the sector, due to dismissals or another measures will have a $42,000 ceiling, and travel allowances and bonds will be eliminated as a component of the new salaries.

The resolution will mainly affect officials of the autonomous entities, the salaries of whom exceed $8,000 dollars and have been criticized by President Rafael Correa, for working to the Ecuadorians' disadvantage.

According to official statistics, Ecuador has 467,000 public employees, and hardly over ten percent have salaries that exceed $5,000.

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