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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ecuadorian Assembly for New Elections

Quito, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) The new Constitution written by the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly will call a referendum in 2008 and will include anticipated legislative elections, informed Fernando Cordero, deputy chief of the institution.

If the 20th Constitution to be written by the assembly members is approved by the citizenry in the consultation, new elections will be called, Cordero explained..

But, if it is rejected the 100 deputies will declare a recess and return to their posts, he expressed.

He pointed out "if the approbatory referendum of the new Constitution does not win, there will be a transitory period to call for new legislative elections, since these congresspersons in recess today will again be deputies."

In addition to closing Congress the assembly members ratified in their post the president of the country, Rafael Correa, his vice president Lenin Moreno and other elected authorities.

With the dismissal of Parliament the Constituent assumes the task of legislation and control. For this reason a legislative commission will be created next week.

The new Constitution will be written during the coming six months in the Eloy Alfaro City complex in Montecristi.

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