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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ecuador Assembly Tunes Bylaws

Montecristi, Ecuador (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly retakes Wednesday the analysis of the internal bylaws of that full powered institution, responsible for drawing up a new Constitution.

In its fourth session, assembly members renew debates with the aim of approving the articles of the document, which establishes the Constituent Assembly's rules of the game.

The Assembly ratified Tuesday night by 86 votes in favor of the new Constitution, to be drawn up in the coming six months, to be subdued to referendum, It also reiterated the supremacy of this body's decisive acts.

None of its decisions will be susceptible to control by any of the constituted powers, states one of the sanctioned articles.

Representatives from the minority's bloc, like Patriotic Society Party, Democratic Left and Democratic Network, complained of having little opportunity to be heard in the sessions.

However, the Assembly president and former minister Alberto Acosta said that everyone has the same opportunity of talking and making proposals.

Acosta stressed that the new Ecuadorian legislation will defend private property, provided it fulfills a social function, and the State will respect investors.

According to statutes, the Assembly has seven days to approve the bylaws, whose draft was presented Monday by 80 representatives of the Country Alliance Movement.

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