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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ecuador Assembly Defines Labors

Montecristi, Ecuador, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) The bylaws of the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly, being analyzed in this city Tuesday, define the work of members and establish rules and mechanisms to approve laws and resolutions.

The 75-article document, whose first point was approved Monday night, stresses that the Constituent Assembly, as a full powered institution, represents popular sovereignty of the Ecuadorian people.

The text ratifies that the official venue of the Assembly is the city of Montecristi, although it could session exceptionally in any other place, if the Directive Committee or most of delegates determine.

This first article had support of 90 assembly members from a total of 121 attending the plenary session of the Ciudad Eloy Alfaro complex of this city.

It states that the Assembly is made up of the directive commission, 10 constituent tables, auxiliary groups and other bodies determined by the plenary session.

Alberto Acosta, president of that full powered institution, stated that such working commissions will be comprised of eight assembly members from the Country Alliance Movement, the group with 80 seats, and the rest for minority parties.

It is expected that the approval of this rule take at least one week, due to the quantity of articles and the extension of speeches.

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