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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ecuador’s Constituent Assembly

• Correa ratifies its full powers

Granma, Nov 29, 2007

QUITO.— President Rafael Correa of Ecuador confirmed this Wednesday that he would place his mandate at the disposition of the Constituent Assembly —which is to be installed today, Thursday Nov. 29— during an official protocol ceremony today in Ciudad Eloy Alfaro, in Montecristi.

At a press conference in Carondelet Palace, he emphasized that by doing so, he is recognizing the full powers of the Constituent Assembly, which is charged with drafting a new Constitution and reforming state institutions.

“The Constituent Assembly is fully empowered to draw up a new Constitution and reform the institutional framework of the state,” Correa told journalists, after returning from a tour of several Asian nations.

“Let’s not repeat what the losers (the right-wing minority) are saying; they lost at the polls, and now they want to create chaos,” he warned. The president added: “We are respectful of the minority, but we are not going to betray the mandate of the Ecuadorian people because of the whims of a handful who want to change the rules of the game.”

Meanwhile, ANSA reported that the Ecuadorian Congress declared the day before that it would go into legislative recess for 30 days, as stipulated by the current Constitution, one day before the installation of the new Constituent Assembly.

One of the first resolutions to be adopted is the dismissal (removal) of Congress, which has been accused of fomenting chaos and blocking the process of change in the country that began when Correa took office on January 15, Prensa Latina reported.

It was confirmed that leaders of the region would be present at today’s installation ceremony.

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