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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ecuador: An Unethical Congress

Quito, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) The Ecuadorean Congress"s derogation of emergency decrees aimed at meeting the people"s social needs shows the unethical stance taken by deputies opposed to change in the country.

That decision, in addition to boycotting the national government, suspended the allocation of extra funds to education, health, agriculture, electricity and security, which had been unattended for years.

It shows the true intentions of a political sector that insists on the neoliberal model, which regards Ecuador"s permanent social commotion as normal.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said the Parliament, which owns impunity and is blind and deaf to popular demands for change, ratified in the latest elections, was "dying".

Correa noted that the derogation of the decrees was an insult to the people"s awareness and dignity by "a desperate Congress that is dying and wants to take the country with it." He noted that the Constituent Assembly, after being established on November 29, must dissolve that legislative body, which seems to prefer "paying the debt rather than education and health for our children." According to Correa, the lawmakers tried to destroy his government"s work over the past ten months, during which, for the Ecuadorean history, children under the tenth grade of basic education received free books.

The decrees allowed the government to allocate funds to repair and equip hospitals, and to hire 4,000 medical professionals to improve healthcare services in the country, he noted.

Supplies of cheap urea for the agricultural sector and the reconstruction of roads are in danger after the Parliament"s decision this week, the head of State underlined.

New emergency decrees would be signed to replace the ones that were derogated by an opposition that was defeated at the polls on September 30.

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