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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ecuador Opposition Split in Assembly

Montecristi, Ecuador, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) The factions opposed to the Ecuadorian government are a split minority at the Constituent Assembly, and have not favored rapprochements with the majority represented by Alianza Pais.

Still lacking a definite strategy, the 18 Assembly members of the PSP ("Patriotic Society"), eight from the PRIAN ("Institutional Renovation"), five from the PSC ("Social Christian"), and the two from "Uno" will occupy their seats at the Ciudad Alfaro Complex, headquarters of the Assembly.

These factions, along with others from the left and central-left wings total 50 votes, in front of the 80 in the hands of Alianza Pais, the most voted movement in the September 30 elections.

Local media noted the opposition is weakened by the electoral defeat, and none of those groups have facilitated a political rapprochement with the Alianza Pais members at the Assembly to present a joint proposal with their statements

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