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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ecuador: Alianza Pais Tops Assembly

Ecuador: Alianza Pais Tops Assembly

Quito, Nov 23 (Prensa Latina) Alianza Pais Movement, winner of the latest elections, will be the party of the president and have two vice presidents in Ecuador's Constituency Assembly.

In sessions started Thursday at Universidad Andina, Legislators Alberto Acosta and Maria Paula Romo said the government will control 80 of 130 assembly seats plus "the board of directors."

Fernando Cordero (Alianza Pais), said that calls for democracy from the traditional parties will prevent the Assembly leadership from sharing with the conservatives that are minority now.

They are "inclusive, tolerant and democratic," but will avoid Congressional mistakes with several coexisting trends of "shooting darts at each other."

Cordero reminded that the Constituent Assembly and the future Constitution "will be drafted by election winners...." so ex Minister Alberto Acosta will be the president and Maria Paula Romo and Cordero vice presidents.

The 10 commissions, including the legislative, would be made up of 13 members led by either the winner party or its allies Movimiento Popular Democratica or Pachakutik.

Such majority force, in line with the interests of President Rafael Correa, must draft Ecuador's 20th Constitution and change its body of laws.

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